The Digital Twin of the Economy

A model-of-models system which forecasts the mid-term future using complex, hyperconnected simulations, economic modeling, millions of diverse data streams, and machine learning. Useful insights for anyone who operates in demand forecasting, the financial sector, works multi-nationally, or influences policy decisions.

De-risk your investments

34% Forecasting Performance Improvement Against Industry Benchmarks

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Product: Global dashboard of the past, present, and future

Our Approach

Our Approach: Data driven processes

Data-driven processes
focused on accuracy

Our Approach: Broad, well-engineered infrastructure

Broad, well-engineered infrastructure
to allow for systemic scale

Our Approach: Data driven processes

Focus on timeless and fundamental truths
of the global economy

Our Approach: Transparency and interconnectedness

Transparency & Interconnectedness
to avoid knowledge silos

Interested to Work Together?

Careers: interested to work together

We're building a modeling platform to change the future of mankind, a project that many have dreamed about, but few have actually dared to build. If you are in the top 1% of your field in economics, finance, political science, mathematics, machine learning, or software development, connect and lets have a conversation.

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